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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Little Laurel Shelter

I thought I would include a picture of the privy at the shelter.  All these privies are very primitive.  Some have doors and some, like this one, do not.


Mile 293.3, Elevation 3,656 feet


It was very cold and raining throughout the night. Woke up to snow on the ground.

It wasn't much, but snow is snow and that is what I woke up to this morning.


I was slow to get going and didn't pack up the tent until almost 11:30 AM. Once on the way, I found the trail very slippery with mud from the night's rain. Unfortunately, I slipped on one of those narrow trails and almost went down the mountain but my trekking pole saved me again. Now I'm full of mud.


I reached the shelter around 5 PM and went down to get water and dunk my pants in the stream. The pants will probably still be wet tomorrow, so I'll be hiking with my rain suit pants.


It started raining again around 7 PM and continued through the night. And it's cold!

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