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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Woodchuck Hostel - Damascus, VA

October 14, 2016


Mile 469.9. Elevation 1,926 feet.

Damascus, VA! My hiking partners and I hiked 11.3 miles to Damascus and made it in just over 4 hours. The terrain was mostly flat or downhill, so we were able to move fast.


The Woodchuck Hostel is where I stayed in May when I was here for Trail Days. I wanted to take a zero day at the hostel, but everything is booked and I mean everything. I even tried to book a motel room ten miles down the road but no luck. It seems there is some big biker or bicycle event in town on Saturday and they've booked all the rooms. So it's back on the trail in the morning.



This evening I enjoyed my first big meal since starting the hike. I went to Bobo McFarland's and had their famous meatloaf and topped it off with pie. Good!

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