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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Chestnut Knob Shelter

Mile 568.1, Elevation 4406 feet.

I hiked 11.6 miles today.  After a breakfast of eggs and bacon, the owner of the Appalachian Dreamer Hostel, Mack, drove Ghost and me to the trail head at 9:30.  My goal for the day was to get to the Chestnut Knob Shelter. 

Mack cooking breakfast at the Appalachian Dreamer Hostel. The other pictures show the antiques in the room.  He even has a dial phone. 

There were the usual ups and downs, but the last one leading to the shelter was a killer.  There was a 2,000 foot elevation gain over 4.6 miles. I arrived at the shelter at 4:45.  Ghost was long gone.  He was putting on some miles.  Another hiker, Jukebox, was there and for a while it looked like we would be the only ones staying at the shelter.  However, a couple of other hikers wandered in late.I had washed my clothes the night before at the hostel and that proved to be a waste of effort.  The trail was muddy and to make matters worse, I went down after crossing a stream. I had just crossed the stream on a narrow log.  Feeling cocky, I ran up the enbankment and that's where I went down.  What a mess.


This shelter is unique in that it has windows and a door.  That will come in handy tonight since the temperature is supposed to go down to 33 degrees.  It'll be a cold night.

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