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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Trout Creek Campsite

First picture is me standing in front of a rock pyramid. Hikers add rocks to it as they go by.  The second picture is a marker for the Continental Divide.  Run your mouse over the picture for a description.  The other pictures are some nice views. 


Mile 694.5 Elevation 1,522 feet

I hiked 21.3 miles.  Miles hiked today was an all time high.  I started at 7:10 AM and finished at 8:30 PM.  I was trying to catch up with Creak and did catch him in the early evening. The hike today included two steep climbs - one 1,500 feet and the other 1,200 feet.

Along the way, I passed the Keffer Oak and the Audie Murphy monument.  There was room for camping at the oak tree, so I guessed that Creak camped there for the night.


Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier during World War II.  Apparently, he was a passenger in a private plane when it crashed into the mountain side during a bad storm; thus the location of the monument.

 Keffer Oak


Audie Murphy Monument


For the most part the day was uneventful - just a lot of hiking in 80 degree weather. I finished the day just as night fell.  I got my tent up at Trout Creek along with Creak and a few others and immediately went to sleep.  Tomorrow morning will come soon enough.

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