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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Brown Mountain Creek Shelter

Mile 804.9 Elevation 1,358 feet

I hiked 18.3 miles today.  This turned out to be a long day.  I left the last shelter early as usual.  There were two options for hiking this day.  Either go short at nine miles or long at eighteen miles.  Since I reached the first shelter at 12:30 PM, I decided not to stop and continued to the further shelter.

There was one 1,000 foot climb and numerous other ups and downs, but I still made good time.  On the way, I passed over the James River on a really long foot bridge.  As I approached the shelter, I came across a woman hiker who seemed to be lost and asked where the shelter is.  She followed me in and I learned later her female hiking partner had just quit hiking at a road a ways back and was rescued by a couple.  The woman was in bad shape and was in total exhaustion.  

James River foot bridge

James River 

A memorial about a little boy who died after wandering away from school.


When I reached the shelter, I was surprised to see it was almost full.  I grabbed a spot next to a young guy who was going for the Jesus look.  He had long black hair and beard.  This guy was on a farm in northern Virginia, and a friend invited him to Roanoke, so he decided to walk there on the AT.  He had no tent, no sleeping bag, wore street shoes and carried a long staff.  As I said, he was going for the Jesus look.  It takes all kinds.

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