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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Stanimal's, Waynesboro, VA

Mile 861.9 Elevation 1,296 feet

I hiked 5 miles today.  Thursday, June 1, is the day I head to Stanimal's for a little R&R.  The hike was a gently sloping climb for the most part until I came out of the woods at Rockfish Gap.  I called Stanimal's for a pickup, but then some old guy in a car pulls up and offers me a ride, and away we went.  There are a lot of trail angels in this area who like to help hikers.

This is a stone chimney out in the middle of nowhere.  At one time, a complete cabin stood there.

After checking into the hostel, I took a shower and did some laundry.  Then Joe, the hostel caretaker, gave me a ride to an outfitter.  I desperately need a new pair of boots but no luck.  Then on to Walmart where I got some shorts to replace the pants I shredded when I fell and slid down a boulder.  A few other odds and ends at Walmart and then back to the hostel.

Later, Flash Daddy, his daughter, Lady Bug, and a few others went to dinner at a small pub.  A theater was just down the street, so I finally got a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy.   A good day.

Friday, June 2, was a zero day.  It was a time to clean up my backpack.  I sent more stuff home to lighten the load, but then I bought a ton (almost literally) of protein bars and candy to eat on the trail.  I started my hike weighing 152 pounds and I'm down to 134 pounds.  No wonder my energy level is almost zero.

So far, I have traveled 330 miles, which is further than my first hike last April and May.  Furthermore, I did it in less time.  My goal, Harper's Ferry is about 160 mile more on the trail, and I hope to have it completed in two to three weeks.

Tomorrow, Saturday, it's back to the trail. 

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