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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Ensign Cowall Shelter

September 16, 2017

Mile 1,054.0
Elevation 1,340feet 
Miles Hiked 15.7

Sleeping in the Rocky Run Shelter last night was spooky.  I could hear foot steps moving outside the shelter but never saw anything.  I woke up this morning around 6:00 AM and had breakfast.  I took my time and by the time I got everything thing in my backpack, it was 8:15 when I started hiking.

After hiking for awhile, I came upon a "Washington Monument" just off the trail.  It was interesting to visit and the view from the monument was great.


This is the Washington Monument just off the Appalachian Trail 

This is the Washington Monument in Washington DC.  Do you see the similarities?  I think the designers have something phallic going on here.

Great view from the Washington Monument just off the trail


A little further down the trail I came upon some weird mushrooms, which were growing on a dead tree. 

The next point of interest was Black Rock Cliffs.  Actually there was a place called Annapolis Rock, but so many people were heading that way I skipped it.  Black Rock Cliffs provided a spectacular view, so I hung around there for a bit. 

I finally made it into the Ensign Cowall Shelter at 4:30.  This night I would have company.  A southbound  (SOBO) through hiker and a family of three were already at the shelter.  Everyone was nice and we talked until it was time to turn in for the night.  Now before you think everything was hunky dory, my first impression of the husband and wife was "sleep apnea."  They both were rather large, but my "save my sleep" radar was turned off, so I stayed in the shelter.

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