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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Bert's Restaurant & Hostel, Palmerton, PA

October 1, 2017

Mile 1,257.4
Elevation 420 feet 
Miles Hiked 17.4

I got up early to get a fast start to the day.  I had almost 17.5 miles to go, and I knew the rocks would make it slow going.  The plan is to spend the night at Bert's Restaurant.  I met Bob, the owner, at the Eckville Shelter a few days ago and the place sounded pretty good.

While packing my backpack, I tried to be quiet so as to not wake the other hikers.  I doubt if I succeeded, but no one complained.  After breakfast, I was hiking by 7:30 AM. 

The usual rocks were there to slow me down, but then I came to the Knifes Edge.  Boulders create what might look like a knife's edge, thus the name.  This is one scary climb.  My balance isn't the best to begin with, and all I could think was, "Will they find my body after I fall?" 


Walking along the edge takes concentration and balance.  Concentration I have.  Balance I don't.  If one falls on this stretch of rocks, it's a long way down.  Consequently, I was just a little concerned about crossing the rocks.  Sometimes I surprise myself, though.  I made it across.

 Video of Knifes Edge from YouTube 

Knifes Edge 

It was getting late as I drew closer to Palmerton.  About 5:45 PM I called Bob to tell him where I was.  He was going to pick me up on the trail.  Bob picked a spot for the pickup and I made it there by 6:15 PM.

Bob did a quick run through the central business district of Palmerton for me.  What a great town.  Everything is close to the hostel.  The hostel turned out to be clean and comfortable.  I dropped my pack, took a shower, and headed to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.  I'm the only one at the hostel tonight, so it will be nice and quiet.


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