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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Belter's Campsite

June 9, 2018

Mile 1,490.8
Elevation 722 feet
Miles Hiked 11.3

Sandi, the hostel caretaker, had an errand to run, so we didn't leave the hostel until almost 10:00 AM.  While waiting for her, I walked over to the post office and mailed home a few things including my Spot tracker.  While the Spot has an SOS feature in case I get in trouble, the weight just wasn't worth it.

We finally got going to Litchfield.  It is the only town in a radius of 25 miles that has a store selling hiking shoes.  I found a pair that fit and bought them.  Then it was back to the trail.

Sandi dropped me off at noon.  The new shoes were great on the trail - no pain!  My feet are still a mess, but now I can move a little faster without the pain I was having.   

Nice view toward the end of the day


There were a bunch of ups and downs and I covered the eleven miles by 7:00 PM.  My tent is setup and that's it for the day. 

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