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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Travelodge, Great Barrington, MA

Mile 1,521.7
Elevation 666 feet
Miles Hiked 7.9

It was cold this morning.  The temp in town was 52 degrees and I'm sure it was colder at the campsite.  I started hiking by 8:00 AM, and it warmed up quickly.  The first part of the morning had some tricky rock scrambles, but the trail soon smoothed out.  Today I planned to stay at a motel.  I was looking forward to a shower and to wash clothes.  

Nice walk in a pasture 

A monument commemorating a battle in 1787


I arrived at the highway to Great Barrington, MA at 12:15.  Not having checked my guide, I didn't realize it was nearly three miles to the town.  After walking about 100 yards, I checked and decided not to walk the distance, so I began hitchhiking and immediately got a ride.

My ride dropped me off in the middle of a quaint downtown.  I headed for a French Bistro with outside seating and had lunch.  It was a nice place, so I hung out for awhile and just watched the world go by. 

French Bistro

Ice cream shop where I got a scoop


A couple hours later, I started walking to the motel.  It was one and one-half miles away, so I got a good look at the town's business district.

In the evening, I had dinner at a bar and grill and then went shopping.  My gloves were ripped apart from climbing on the rocks, so I bought a new pair. 

All in all, it was a pretty good day. 

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