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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Inn At Long Trail

Mile 1,703.9
Elevation 2,162.0 feet
Miles Hiked 3.9

It rained all night in the shelter and was still raining in the morning.  I was hoping for a short break in the rain to hike out and get to the Inn At Long Trail.  After eating breakfast, I got my chance when the rain stopped and radar showed a small window with no rain.  I left the shelter at 9:15 AM.

The trail was down and then an elevation gain of 600 feet.  Just as I finished the 600 foot climb, it began to rain.  I was still a couple of miles from the inn, so I quickened my pace.  I arrived at the Inn just after 11:30 AM.

There was only one room available if I would room with a young woman.  It was okay with me and okay with her, so I took the room.  A lot of other hikers were there including Jelly, Riz, Swish and Wild.  It will be a crazy time tonight.  Right away, though, a shower and laundry was the first priority.  

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