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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Hikers Welcome Hostel

Mile 1,792.0

Elevation 1,079.0

Miles Hiked 14.4


Happy 4th of July!


I left the Hexacuda Shelter at 6:50 AM with the intention of not going all the way to the hostel.  The climb up Mount Cube was a 1,000 feet and not easy as there was a rocky ridge walk at the top.  

 I was standing on an angle when I shot this of the boulders.

From the top of Mount Cube

As the day progressed, I came up on the road at route 25A.  Another hiker said the omelette guy was there and cooking.  The omelette guy is a retired gentleman who everyday at his expense cooks omelettes to order for hikers who stop.  He said he goes through up to 25 dozen eggs each day.  The guy is a legend.  I had a three egg omelette with cheese, ham and a few other things thrown in.  It was great.  Then he broke out the angel food cake and dumped a bunch of near frozen fruit on it and whip cream.  Then I had some pastries and finally a couple of bananas.  I guess I was hungry.

With all that food in my stomach, I felt renewed and decided to go for the hostel.  I made it there about 5:00 PM.  There were a lot of other hikers there, but the hostel had plenty of bunks. Apparently, they built a new bunk house recently and it had many bunks (but no electricity yet).  It looked comfortable enough, so I was set for the night.


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